Time to move on... Hello Auckland!

Usually I don't write about my personal life but this time it makes sense to write about that because my life just made a huge turn around because of my professional life and I'd like to share some details here.

Last July I started talking with EROAD, an IT company located in Auckland, New Zealand. I really liked what I read about the company and I applied for a Java Developer position to work over there. The recruitment went at a fast pace and after some tests and some interviews I finally got the job offer.

I always wanted to work abroad. I believe that this will be a perfect opportunity to learn more about software development and the IT market. The company has employees from all around the globe so the networking seems to be great.

Also, I'll have the opportunity to live within 10 minutes from the office (no more 2 hours traffic!!!) and that saves me a lot of time to spend with my wife, do more (any) exercises, study new things and write more often here in the blog.

That's it. This is just an update post so you can catch up with my new life. See you later!

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